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Social media can be a really powerful tool when you want to get back together– so if you aren’t sure about what you’re doing online, just leave your ex alone for now. When they won’t move on after your breakup but are trying to feed their ego by distracting themselves with as much attention as possible– you guessed it– it’s another sign your ex still loves you. It’s a solid sign your ex still loves you when exe’s friends get in touch with you for no good reason. makes it the best Asian dating site. The service was founded in 2003 by student Gong Haiyan when she could not find a partner through existing online matchmakers. A year later, she managed to find a husband on her portal. is an online service for Chinese people seeking love, family, overseas connections, and new dating experience. You have a lot to unpack and I just think someone might be able to help you do that. All of a sudden, you’re in a whole different phase of life because everything WAS your kids, period, everything you did revolved around them and their schedule and their needs.

If he’s your friend’s ex:

However, you may want to dig deeper into our marriage knowledge to help you learn more ways of expressing your love for him. Not to ignore your struggles, but clearly he is in pain. The conclusions you have reached that your husband is somehow different than other men and therefore you have to adapt to his peculiarities do not line up with anything that I ever encountered.

I found my husband on an online dating site

Im going on 6 months breakup and still have not gotten over my ex gf. She been moved on since the first 2 weeks we got separated, broke my hearth, she dating someone now and its posting everything on social media. I deleted all my memories on my socials and just been very quite since. Ive try dating new girls but she’s still on my mind all the time so I cant even focus on new girls . My ex is in a rebound and it hurts so much.

What these clients do not stop to realize is that by reaching out to shame their ex about joining a dating website, they are actually making themselves appear petty, desperate, and super insecure. They cannot believe their ex would stain the memory of their relationship by joining a dating website and going on a date with someone new. Luckily, we’ve seen enough of this behavior to warn you about it ahead of time so you don’t fall into the most common pitfalls. Of course, when our clients see their exes on a dating website they don’t react too well to the news.

Ultimately though, it makes no difference to your life whether you’re better than your ex’s new partner, nor whether you’re moving on faster than your ex. Whatever desires have been festering in your mind, it’s time to launch yourself head-first into them. You may never have motivation like this again.

Just how you deserve to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life, so does your ex. Your ex may not be after the emotional fulfillment of an intimate relationship, but he or she may nonetheless crave the sexual aspect of the relationship. As for the second one, you should start working on your own well-being so that your ex’s actions don’t hurt you anymore. Your ex is probably trying to tell you that he or she doesn’t mind that you’re on Tinder looking for someone. If your ex matched you on Tinder and you’re wondering why he or she did that, the most reasonable explanation is that your ex wants you to know that he or she is on Tinder as well.

I’m so sorry that you’re going through this all. It’s humanely impossible for me to advise on the comments (which is why I set up coaching; thank you for your kindness and understanding). I would need to know more details but based on what you shared, I would be done. You are understood, supported, loved, backed, and believed in. Thank you for taking the time to share and for being a part of this community. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through this all.

He is not of sound mind, but is damaged; and you do not know how badly. I am sorry you find yourself in this current situation, but some kind of marriage failure was inevitable because your idea of marriage as expressed is impossible. Marriage is not a business deal wherein both parties agree to equal effort, although our worldly training teaches us just that. Marriage is a give and give relationship, based on premises of each striving to love unconditionally. Your husband did not fail you as much as he failed himself. And now, you wish to punish him, rather than forgive him.

I think people often forget about basic love and respect in their marriages. I always act like a lady on every date. The guys I have met said they had fun or enjoyed my openness or honesty. I am sure they found me physically attractive as well, but it seems like a different perspective is what attracted them the most.

If you want a truly happy marriage it is well within your power. But you have to know how… that’s what I’m promoting. Were you aware of his 900 calls when you married him?

He no longer makes love to me in the same way and reaches his climax quickly. Am highly sexed and he was aware of this before all this started. I feel unwanted and undesired which makes it difficult during sex to climax. Its like he is having sex with these women and not me. Am considering stopping the sex and just be his wife in all other ways. The hurt have left me crying and resentful, this is not me and am feeling depressed.

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